Qualitative Research Workshop Series with Professor Stewart Clegg ***Registration Closed***

Date: 30 October 2018 to 02 November 2018
Location: University of Leeds

30-31 October and 2 November 2018

Professor Clegg will run a series of three workshops, each individual in their own focus but designed to work as a series. The benefits of attending the workshops include:

• Establishes a comprehensive understanding of philosophy of science

• Provides an overview of different qualitative methods for data collection and analysis

• Initiates a dialogue of publishing strategies and practices 

Day 1* (30 Oct): Investigating power: how the philosophy of social science matters

Day 2* (31 Oct): How to do Qualitative Research

Day 3 (2 Nov): How to write, become published and make an impact

*Please note that days 1 and 2 are targeted more at management and organization researchers

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