Please note that registration normally opens 6-8 weeks prior to the event date. The call will be circulated via your research administrators or directly to you if you have signed up for instant alerts on our 'contact us' page. Please do not enquire about gaining a place on an event until registration has opened. 


A Workshop on Advanced Methodologies in Researching Enterprise and Entrepreneurship **registration closed**

The aim of this workshop is to advance knowledge and debates on methodological approaches to researching enterprise and entrepreneurship. The field of enterprise and entrepreneurship research has varied societal impact, and embraces different...


Using Historical Methods in Management and Organization Research **registration closed**

Management and organizational researchers are increasingly interested in the opportunities for historical research. Even though history as a discipline does not have a similar understanding of methodology to the management and organization studies,...


Analysing Media: A Multi-Modal Data Analysis Workshop **registration closed**

This event aims to introduce participants to the use of an advanced qualitative multi-modal analytical framework in conducting media research.


Alternative to Difference Scores: Polynomial Regression and Response with Professor Jeffrey Edwards **registration open**

For decades, difference scores have been used in studies of congruence in organizational research. Despite their widespread use, difference scores have numerous methodological problems. These problems can be overcome by using polynomial regression...


Designing & Conducting Work-Life Research: Innovative Approaches, Challenges and Dilemmas (with Professors Gary Powell, Jeffrey Greenhaus and Caroline Gatrell)

This workshop will broaden researcher's methodological toolkit and further methodological understanding within the area of work-life research.