A Workshop on Advanced Methodologies in Researching Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Date(s) - 21/02/2019 12:00 am

University of Sheffield

Doctoral Students, Early Career Researchers

This one day workshop will contribute to the understanding of the emerged themes and approaches (Qualitatively and Quantitatively) in the field of entrepreneurship. This will be discussed by our guest speakers by bringing concrete practical examples to challenge and inspire the participants. Moreover, the workshop will offer an opportunity to participants to discuss their methodological concerns within a small group of peers and with one of the facilitators. Hence, contributing to advance research training in enterprise and entrepreneurship field.

On the completion of the workshop, participants will have a good knowledge and understanding of different research strategies and how to design their own research methodology in researching enterprise and entrepreneurship. In addition, participants will be able to clearly adopt an appropriate research strategy in answering their research questions.  This workshop follows an applied and practical approach, whereby the participants are required to send their research methodology and a concern that they may have in their research design, a few weeks in advanced to facilitators.  The participants in groups of 4-5 will then present and share their methodological issues in researching enterprise and entrepreneurship within their groups, and the facilitator in each group will lead the discussion and provides individual advices on how to advance and improve their methodological considerations.    Matthias, Richard, Steve, Alex, and Fariba will act as facilitators, together with other SBS researchers as required.

Meanwhile, this event will create a platform and opportunity for participants to network with their peers in the same field of research and will encourage and support researchers, in particular, doctoral students and early career researchers (ECRs) to publish in this fast growing field of management research.

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