Risky Business: Responsibility and Resilience in a Turbulent World – Annual Doctoral Conference 2019

Date(s) - 25/07/2019 - 26/07/2019 All Day

Huddersfield Business School

Doctoral Students

The Conference will offer the opportunity for doctoral researchers from business and management schools to engage in advanced dialogue and debate on a range of methodological issues. Highlights included a Keynote, workshops and small group discussions and presentations. The Conference takes place in a supportive environment with a great opportunity for networking with other doctoral researchers and academics.

Businesses are often seen as the cause of many of society’s problems with some of world’s most horrific disasters, such as Bhopal and Deepwater Horizon, being the responsibility of big business. Businesses are also the focus of equality and welfare issues ranging from events leading to the #Metoo movement to concerns of human rights in globalised supply chains. It is debateable as to whether such events are accidental and/or unacknowledged externalities of the economic and social systems in which they operate, or whether businesses, and the individuals that run them, are deliberately exploiting people and the environment in order to maximise profit and/or personal gain.

While businesses might have made millions while creating such damage, with the culprits seemingly untouched and unrepentant, they are now at risk from a whole range of threats that are magnified in a world experiencing the implications of global climate breakdown, significant societal scrutiny plus bizarre, unpredictable and unprecedented political behaviour from world leaders.

This conference provides a platform for the discussion of these issues and the role of businesses and organisations in causing, responding, surviving and addressing them. PGRs who would like to contribute to this event are invited to submit papers that address one or more of the following themes:

  1. Bad Business; bad behaviour, corruption, illegalities
  2. Responsibility and Resilience in Emerging Economies
  3. Responsible and Resilient Leadership and Communications
  4. Theorizing and Critiquing Responsibility and Resilience
  5. Responsible and Resilient Corporations, Customers, Organisations and Stakeholders (3rd sector)
  6. Disaster, Risk and Continuity Management in a post-modern political and ecological climate

The conference is supported by the new Journal, Business Strategy and Development, a new sister paper to the 3* Business Strategy and the Environment. Dr Julia Meaton will be editing a special edition on Risky Business, and papers presented at this conference that have a focus on ‘development’, or are reporting on research in less resourced countries, will be invited to submit journal articles. Conference delegates are also invited to be on the editorial panel for this special edition.

For Conference details and how to apply for a place, please follow the link below:


The deadline for applications has been extended to Monday 17th June 2019