Traps, Tricks and Techniques for Grant Writing with Grant Craft (registration closed)

Date(s) - 09/07/2021 All Day


This workshop is specifically designed for those who are new or relatively new to grant writing (for example those who are completing or have recently completed their PhD, post, early career researchers or other academics who have limited experience of writing research proposals). It introduces the process of research funding from the initial generation of an idea through to submission and the review process. The workshop will help participants to think strategically about the planning and preparation of funding applications and will explain the necessity of networks, the importance of developing a funding track record, and the approaches that can be taken to do so.

The workshop familiarises attendees with common traps that applicants frequently fall into when writing proposals and provides some useful tricks and techniques that can be used to optimise applications. It also provides an overview of the component blocks of a proposal and introduces some strategies that can be used to assemble these blocks into a competitive document.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Understand the process of generating research ideas and the way in which these ideas should be scaled for the different types of funding available
  • Be familiar with the various approaches that can be used to develop a funding track record
  • Understand the importance of academic and non-academic networks and know how to take a strategic approach to building and maintaining their networks
  • Understand the review process for funding applications
  • Know what the common components of a funding application are
  • Be able to concisely express their research rationale and overarching aim
  • Be able to explain what research impact is and why it is important

Workshop Structure:

This workshop will be delivered in live interactive sessions. These sessions will take place over the course of a single day and will be broken up by short breaks (an additional 1 hour lunch break will take place between midday and 1pm). In addition to the presentation of learning materials, the workshop will include exercises and attendee interaction. There will be opportunities for questions and discussion.

Introduction to GrantCraft:

GrantCraft works with researchers across the UK and Europe, supporting and facilitating the acquisition of research funding. Our team is multi-disciplinary and has wide ranging experience in academia, the public sector, industry, and the third sector. We support research bids across all disciplines and have supported bids targeting the vast majority of funding opportunities from the very large, such as consortium bids valued at tens of millions of pounds or euros, to the very small, such as 10,000 pound or euro seed corn funding or travel grants.

Writing research proposals is a challenging process and funding calls are incredibly competitive. Every funding body has a different remit and even funding opportunities published by the same body can differ in terms of their purpose. We provide an extensive range of training programmes to introduce these important competitive aspects and work closely with you to ensure your application is as competitive as possible.

The support that we offer falls into two broad categories: Firstly, we provide workshops focusing on grant writing skills, grant writing for specific funders, or any combination of the two. Secondly, we provide an immersive personalised service, supporting applications on a one-to-one basis and working through multiple iterations of refinement and optimisation. Typically we progress from initial discussions and advice regarding structure and approach all the way through to fine tuning of the document.