LUBS Guest Speaker Series: Professor Penny Dick

Date(s) - 13/02/2024 10:00 am - 11:30 am


As part of the LUBS Guest Speaker Series, we welcome Professor Penny Dick from the University of Sheffield Management School.

LUBS Speaker Series

‘Perils, Pitfalls and Pleasures of Academic Publishing’

Professor Penny Dick

Tuesday 13th February (10.00-11.30) – online via Zoom


In this talk Penny Dick will discuss some of the perils, pitfalls and pleasures of academic publishing. With respect to perils, she will talk about the pressures for publication in so-called 4 star journals and how this influences the nature of what gets published and the effects of this (pitfalls) on early career scholars in particular. Challenging the idea that 4 star journals publish the “best” research, Penny will talk about the importance of passion in scholarship and how maintaining that passion (pleasures) might involve resisting some of the publication pressures we all now face.

Her argument is that we need to start to more actively oppose and question the idea that only certain journals count because this idea also means that only certain types of research are considered interesting and important. The role of universities, editors and reviewers in this process will be discussed and problematized. There will be opportunities for Q&A after Penny’s presentation.

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Penny Dick is Professor of Organizational Psychology at Sheffield University Management School. Penny’s work can be broadly categorized as critical management and she is particularly interested in understanding the relationship between individuals and their social and institutional environments. Much of her work takes its inspiration from Michel Foucault and is thus focused on the role of power, embedded in taken-for-granted ideas and practices, in maintaining or challenging a status quo that advantages some groups relative to others. She has published in such journals as Human Relations, Organization Studies and Journal of Organizational Behavior. She was a Senior Associate Editor at the Journal of Management Studies from 2013-2018; Associate Editor at Organization Theory (2018-2022) and is currently Co-Editor in Chief at Human Relations.