LUBS Speaker Series: Professor David Silverman – Online (open for registration)

Date(s) - 08/03/2024 10:00 am - 11:30 am


LUBS Speaker Series

‘Instances or Sequences in Qualitative Data Analysis’

with Professor David Silverman


Friday 8th March 2024 (10.00-11.30)

Online via Zoom

The most common methods used to analyse qualitative data are probably content analysis and thematic analysis [TA]. In this talk, David  shows the limitations of both methods. Taken out of context, a single word or phrase used by an interviewee or present in a document or email tells us very little and fails to take account of the skilful ways in which people produce their accounts.

By contrast, David demonstrates how sequential analysis of both naturalistic and manufactured data can reveal how social worlds are put together moment by moment. He shows how improved transcription of recorded talk allows us to discover features hidden in ‘tidied up’ transcripts and describes the nature and value of two analytic traditions which address sequences: discourse analysis and narrative analysis. 

Prof David Silverman is Visiting Emeritus Professor at Leeds University Business School, Professor Emeritus in the Sociology Department at Goldsmiths College, London Visiting Professor in the King’s College Business School, University of London and the Business School, University of Technology, Sydney as well as Adjunct Professor at QUT, Faculty of Education. He has authored 15 books and over 60 journal articles on qualitative research, ethnography and conversation analysis. Thirty of his students have successfully completed their PhD and three are now full Professors.

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