NARTI/SAMS Resilience, Re-Focus & Re-Balance Retreat Series for ECRs: One-Day Structured Writing Retreat with Alex Kevill and Jo Garrick (registration open)

Date(s) - 29/06/2021 All Day


Structured Writing Retreats are facilitated sessions based upon the extensive research undertaken by Professor Rowena Murray (University of the West of Scotland). The aim of the retreats are to use dedicated writing time to progress individual writing projects in a supportive and non-surveillance environment.

This online retreat starts at 09.15 and ends at 16.30 and will be delivered via Zoom. We use most of the time for writing, all of us in the same room. Please ensure that you arrive in good time to register and set-up as the retreat follows strict timings in order to maximise the opportunity for writing time.

See for information, interviews with participants, copies of articles about retreat, evidence base etc. This one-day retreat will be facilitated by Alex Kevill and Jo Garrick, who have both undertaken facilitator training with Professor Murray.

If you would like to apply to join the retreat, please submit the following by no later than XXX

  • Full name, university email address and indicate if you are a doctoral student (please state the current year of study) or a postdoctoral early career researcher
  • A summary of no more than 200 words of why you wish to join the structured writing retreat


Murray & Newton 2009