Online Presentations Workshop with 6th Door (registration open)

Date(s) - 30/07/2021 11:00 am - 2:00 pm


In light of the current pandemic restrictions have forced most research relevant activities online. Though there are expressed practical benefits of presenting research online, many have found that specific boundaries have also presented themselves. How we communicate and what we are able to effectively convey has changed with this new platform. How one can deliver research findings effectively and elegantly using online tools has quickly become all too relevant. These skills require know-how and practice to master and we believe investing in these skills will benefit researchers going forward with current restrictions and after restrictions are dismantled.

Learning outcomes include: greater confidence in delivering presentations and research online; an enhanced knowledge of presentation software and its various uses; a stronger understanding of how to present complex information online effectively and creatively; an enhanced ability to engage a digital audience, maintain interest and stimulate inspiration during presentations and to gain a stronger understanding of what to consider when setting up for presenting virtually.

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