PhD Resilience Workshop with Will Medd (registration open)

Date(s) - 28/06/2021 All Day


  • Reconnect with what resources your resilience and well-being
  • Be clear on your direction, know how prioritise, and set meaningful goals
  • Explore what knocks you off balance and how to regain it
  • Learn to manage self-limiting beliefs and build confidence
  • Balance the PhD with the rest of life and sustain your resilience
  • Learn from the collective wisdom of the group

How to manage your PhD in a way that brings out the best in you while sustaining your personal resilience and well-being?  The PhD experience can pull you in all sorts of directions as you learn more about your field, navigate the desires of your supervisors, grapple with the challenges of fieldwork or struggle with your writing.  And there is balancing all that with the rest of life.  The PhD experience is varied, with PhD researchers sometimes finding they are overwhelmed, feel a lack of direction, struggle to sustain motivation, lose confidence and don’t always know the best way to find support. This has been even more challenge for many during COVID.

Recognising the challenges of PhD life are varied, this one-day workshop creates an opportunity to step back and take charge of your agenda. Through the workshop you’ll learn self-coaching skills that rekindle the connection between your PhD vision and everyday practices, in ways that enhance your personal resilience and sustain personal well-being.

This one-day, experiential workshop and interactive coaching-based workshop will create an opportunity to step back and align your PhD to what really matters to you and find the confidence make it work for you.

To book a place on the workshop, please contact