Research Methods on Gender and Management Seminars – Autoethnography

Date(s) - 18/01/2023 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm



The first seminar of the series will focus on Autoethnography with speakers Dr Allan Discua Cruz (Lancaster University), Professor Eleanor Hamilton (Lancaster University) and Professor Sarah Jack (Lancaster University)

Hosts: Professor Valerie Stead & Dr Sophie Alkhaled (Lancaster University)

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A drawback in the field of family business is the absence of methodological approaches that connect personal experience with a nuanced understanding of underlying, and relevant, processes. This is also the case for the study of gender, where the need for more critical methodologies and greater reflexivity in research design and practice is recognized. Empirical studies in gender that consider drawing more widely on accounts of people’s experiences in the micro-practice of the everyday, and to adopt a broad critical intent are needed.  In this seminar we will focus on the question ‘Is autoethnography a viable methodology that can help answer underexplored questions about gender relations in the succession process of family businesses?’.


Dr Allan Discua Cruz is Senior Lecturer in the area of entrepreneurship. He is the Director of the Centre for Family Business at Lancaster University Management School and a member of the Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business. He is associate editor of Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, co-editor of the Journal of Evolutionary Studies in Business and member of the editorial board of the International Small Business Journal, Innovare and European Journal of Family Business.

Eleanor Hamilton is Professor of Entrepreneurship at Lancaster University. Professor Hamilton has worked at the interface of theory and practice and established a long record of positioning research-led impact and business engagement in an academic department’s mission, along with a proven commitment to create and evidence effective forms of knowledge exchange between a university and small-and medium-sized enterprises. Her research focuses on family businesses, entrepreneurial learning, gender dynamics and narrative in entrepreneurship.

Sarah Jack is Professor of Innovative and Sustainable Development at Stockholm School of Economics and Professor of Entrepreneurship at Lancaster University. Her research engages qualitative approaches to consider the social structure of entrepreneurship. She is Editor with Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Associate Editor with Entrepreneurship and Regional Development and serves on the editorial boards for Journal of Business Venturing and Journal of Business Venturing Insights. Professor Jack also held the 5-year leadership role for the Entrepreneurship Division of the Academy of Management.