Research Tradecraft (Application Closed)

Date(s) - 20/02/2020 All Day

University of Leeds


The main purpose of this event is to advance the knowledge of academic community of early career researchers and doctoral students to give them insights into what it takes to get research published and hence to improve the chance of publication.

This workshop is vitally important and useful for anyone trying to publish their work in A-level journals. Special focus of the event will be on how doctoral students and early academic researchers can come up with more impactful research ideas, frame research questions in ways that make them more interesting, and write an article in a manner that enhances its chances of being published in top academic journals.

As a result of this event, there may also be opportunities for NARTI participants to network and be involved in future seminars organised by the Marketing Division at Leeds University Business School.

Application is open until 31st January 2020

Event flyer (February 20)