Two-Day Ethnography Workshop (this will now be rescheduled to run in the next academic year)

Date(s) - 20/05/2020 - 21/05/2020 All Day

Alliance Manchester Business School


Ethnography is increasingly regarded as a legitimate and important method for studying business and management, and one that can produce results not possible with other methods. It is also a method or practice that is both exciting and richly rewarding, opening doors into management and organization that are otherwise barred or closed. According to Czarniawska (2012) it is the fastest growing method in management and organization studies, and now enjoys considerable attention across the various disciplines that make up business and management studies.

And yet, the practice of ethnography is notoriously complex and challenging; indeed its methods, craft and practices are little known. PhD students embark on its fieldwork at their peril. For a start, the method customarily requires 12 months full-time fieldwork that some Business School deans anxious to increase the number of ‘REF-able’ 4* journal papers might consider too high risk/low return. Despite the proven track record of ethnography’s contribution to business and management studies there are those who might deem its methods ‘inefficient’.

This workshop will feature presentations from experienced ethnographers together with paper presentations in small group settings from PhDs and younger scholars starting out on their publishing careers. Small group presentations will be hosted by one of our experienced speakers and we have 16 ‘bursaries’ for PhD students and younger scholars to help cover their costs of travel and 2 day – fully inclusive – delegate rates at our conference facilities in Manchester. If you are interested in attending the workshop and wish to be considered for a bursary please submit a one-page outline of your current research and ethnographic interests.


Professor Jo Brewis, Open University

Dr Kimberly Chong, University College London

Dr Nicholas Barthel de Weydenthal, University of Melbourne

Professor Bill Foster, University of Alberta

Professor Lindsay Hamilton, University of York

Professor John Hassard, University of Manchester

Associate Professor Hannah Knox, University College London

Professor Steve Linstead, University of York

Professor Leo McCann, University of York

Professor Fabian Muniesa, Mines ParisTech

Professor Damian O’Doherty, University of Manchester

Dr Dean Pierides, University of Stirling

Associate Professor Helene Ratner, Aarhus Universitet

Application should be made directly to the organisers and by no later than 31st January 2020

Ethnography Workshop Flyer