Analysing Media: A Multi-Modal Data Analysis Workshop

Date(s) - 05/03/2019 All Day

Lancaster University

Doctoral Students, Early Career Researchers

This event aims to introduce participants to the use of an advanced qualitative multi-modal analytical framework in conducting media research.  The workshop will:

  • introduce participants to a novel analytical framework (Elliott & Stead, 2018) designed to interrogate how text and imagery combine to construct media representations
  • apply the framework using examples of media text and imagery (illustration will be focused on representation of women leaders from the media.)
  • consider the value of adopting multi-modal techniques multi-modal analysis to their area of research.

Increased attention to media in business and management research is revealing the importance of how media shapes how we think about business and management. This includes influencing through media representations what constitutes ‘good’ management and leadership and who can or should be a manager or leader. To understand the impact of media on business and management we require research methods that can interrogate textual and visual forms of communication. This advanced framework (Elliott & Stead, 2018) combines textual and visual techniques that reveal dominant discursive patterns in media representations. The highly interactive workshop, hosted by the authors of the framework, will contribute to advancing knowledge, research capacity and impact through introduction to novel and relatively under-explored qualitative multi-modal techniques.  The workshop will add to researchers’ methodological repertoire and in so doing will encourage participants to consider the role of media discourse more widely in shaping contemporary issues in business and management. The framework is grounded in gender and media research, however can be applied to other disciplines, and participants will be encouraged to think about its application more broadly.

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