Developing Your Scholarly Brand with Professor Tomas Hult

Date(s) - 14/11/2018 12:00 am

University House

Doctoral Students, Early Career Researchers

Developing your scholarly brand is an important part of who you are as an academic – whether it be as a doctoral student, new PhD, and even a seasoned academic (senior lecturer, professor). Traditionally, we are evaluated on research, teaching, and service/leadership activities, and we will address all those areas. As such, this workshop has been designed to give participants a structure for how to organize their portfolio of academic activities to ensure that the focus is on developing the best scholarly brand you can.

The world of academia today (and the world in general) is qualitatively different than it was twenty years ago. Back then, we searched journals and printed publications to find information about a scholar. We may also have looked up his or her website for some background on the person. Today, we have an endless number of ways to find out about research a person has published or is doing; what teaching they do and how well (e.g.,; and the myriad ways a scholar engages in service to the profession. Just go to my web page at for an example.

What you will find is that I have listed numerous ways for you to interact with me and find out more about what I do. And, pretty much everyone with a “scholarly brand” – from junior to senior academics – do this and you need to as well. It is never too early to set up a Google Scholar page! Using my example, you can find out more about me not only on my static webpage but also via, for example, Google Scholar, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, ResearcherID, ResearchGate, Orcid,,Social Science Research Network, Klout, YouTube, Mentors Guild, MSU Scholars, and MSU Expert.

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